NIIF IPv6 service: When?


János Mohácsi <>, NIIF

András Kovács <>, NIIF

Tamás Máray <>, NIIF




The aim of the NIIF IPv6 project is to prepare for the introduction of the IPv6 service on the HUNGARNET. Using the theoretical and practical results of the TIPSTER6 project and joining to the 6NET project of the European Union, the project developed a considerably large native IPv6 network by the end of 2002. Building on top of this infrastructure, in 2003, testing of native IPv6 services (DHCPv6, DNS, multicasting) and applications (videoconferencing, multimedia gaming) has started.


We will present the current topology of IPv6 pilot network of HUNGARNET, the tests we performed and their results. We will discuss what kind of methods could we use to provide wider IPv6 service on HUNGARNET. The presentation will also cover the status of the IPv6 services around the world and in the Europe.